Udruga Franjo Koščec

Event after the last year’s withdrawal of snow.
Dead chickens saga that continues (every year we have several reports concerning dead chickens in the lead role, since there are lots of chicken farms in the surrounding area, and obviously, unscrupulous citizens who do not dispose of the carcasses in the prescribed manner).

Anonymous report from an anonymous town in Međimurje County. A gentleman was walking his dog and came to some arable land full of dead chickens scattered all around.

Green Phone of the Association Franjo Koščec received a number of inquiries related to the ragweed on uncultivated parcels.

Ragweed is one of the major allergens, it benefits from the high temperatures and summer droughts, and irregular maintenance of green spaces and increasing amount of uncultivated land are also one of the reasons for the increase in the number of people who are sensitive to ragweed.

Green Phone of the Association Franjo Koščec - Varaždin received a report of environmental pollution by asbestos plates.

Green Phone of the Association Franjo Koščec received a report concerning the smoke of unpleasant smell (phenol), which is usually repeated in the afternoon hours. 

Phenol is a very harmful substance which causes respiratory disease and cancer diseases. The following day we also received the photographs of a blue smoke coming out of an industrial chimney whose cover was lifted. 

We received a report for the open dump at the entrance to the city of Varaždin via the Green phone of the Association Franjo Koščec.
The accumulations of various wastes (bulk, construction waste) are located on the plots owned by the city of Varaždin.

We forwarded the report to the city of Varaždin, the Administrative Department of Public Utilities and Urban Planning, which then went to the field and took appropriate measures for the treatment of waste.