Light pollution

The Green Phone along twelve categories (waste, noise, construction, transport, mining, forests, water, vegetation, air, soil, animals, and radiation) has a miscellaneous category for classifying specific cases, such as e.g., light pollution, pollution of the surrounding area from a poultry house and so on.

If you suspect or wish to report a problem or contamination in the environment, it is necessary to contact the competent institutions that depend on certain procedures and interventions in the area:
1. THE GREEN PHONE number at 072 123 456 where activists will estimate and forward the application to the competent service depending on the type of problem
2. Check the regulation issued according to which the problem can be reported to the competent institutions, e.g., in case of light pollution according to the Act on the Protection from Light Pollution (Official Gazette 114/12), the County, City of Zagreb, cities and municipalities shall, each within its framework, secure conditions and implementation of the prescribed standards and measures referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article.
3. National Protection and Rescue Directorate 112 in case of environmental emissions, such as leakage of substances hazardous to human health, hazardous chemicals, gases, or the like.