A septic tank, accumulated animal waste or landfill of various waste is located in your vicinity

Steps you can take to solve this problem are:
• Find information on competent and responsible institutions for the polluted area at the local level (municipalities, community policing, veterinary inspection) and national level (Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection, the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health).
• Photographic record of the pollution at hand.
• After the first step, you can:
a) Contact your nearest Green phone center at the phone number 072 123 456 and give them the following information:
- the competent institutions you have contacted,
- the file material you have collected (photos, sound recordings, ...)
- other information.
The Green phone activists will then forward a report of the collected information to the relevant institutions.
b) Contact the competent institutions yourself. In this case, these are: the Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection (the competent inspection), Ministry of Agriculture (Water inspection), Ministry of Health (sanitary and health inspection).