Remediation after exploitation of mineral resources

According to the Mining Act, the mining economic operator is responsible for the damage to the nature and environment caused by its mining works. They are also required to carry out the restoration of the area after completion or permanent suspension of mining activities in the exploitation field, as well as implement security measures to prevent the occurrence of danger to people, property and the environment.
1. If you are able, take pictures or record the location of the exploitation field, and collect data on the economic operator who was carrying out mining operations.
2. Write a brief statement about the event and describe precisely the location where the activity is/was carried out (with the help of the Geoportal;, you can easily determine exactly which cadastral plot is in question).
3. WHOM TO CALL? The statement along with photo/video documentation (if any), can be sent to the Mining Inspectorate established at the Ministry of Economy, the Environmental inspection established at the Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection, and/or the Green phone service for your County (072 123 456).

Note: you can always, especially if it is of great urgency, during weekends or holidays or at night, call the 112 emergency service (National Protection and Rescue Service) where the employee who receives your call will promptly notify the territorially competent inspection services, who will then take necessary protective measures.