Sewer drain covers on the road

On Monday, 19 January 2015, the security-ecological organisation Nobilis received a report regarding the noise produced when a car passes over the sewer drain covers for the drains by the residents of the street “Ulica Josipa bana Jelačića” in the village Pribislavec.

Namely, the sewer drain covers produced a loud noise that bothered the locals when the driving car passed by, especially during night hours as the street itself is very busy throughout the entire day. In order to encourage the local government to solve the problem, we organised a petition signed by 50 residents from that street in order to pressure the local authorities to solve this problem.

After submitting the said petition to local authorities, due to the impact of the Green Phone, the local authorities solved the problem within the next two weeks by sending an official letter to the contractor who eliminated the fault on the faecal sewage system by placing a protective rubber to reduce vibration of the covers when cars pass over them.