Lisina and illegal waste depots

Over the years, open dumps were repeatedly reported to the green phone in the area of lisina forest park. Lisina Forest Park is located near a populated area and it is connected with the first village - Rukavac, with an easily passable road that continues further in the park to the gravel road, which then passes through the whole area of Lisina, which has been marked as a bike path. It is this closeness of the forest to populated area which turns out to be "suitable/handy" for the disposal of waste, mainly construction and bulky waste, especially in the first three kilometres of gravel road. Reports were regularly forwarded to the Environmental Inspection, i.e. to the new municipal services monitoring officer of the Municipality of Matulji. Žmergo, because of the terrible situation, in cooperation with other organisations and institutions organised the cleaning up actions on several occasions and the situation with larger landfills and covered pits and bunkers significantly improved. Recently, we received a call to the Green Phone again, and an open dump of construction waste has been reported, but also a bunch of discarded packets of promotional brochures from the store Konzum. Other than to municipal services’ monitoring officers, the packages were also reported to Konzum, which quickly responded and its employees went into the woods and picked up all the packages.