Green Osijek

Recently, the Green Phone Association Green Osijek received reports of light pollution.

According to the words of a caller, the spotlights advertising company H1 that have recently been put into function far exceed the permitted standards and disturb all the tenants residing in the surrounding houses and buildings in particular.

How important is to advise the citizens and encourage them to actively participate in the protection of nature is proven by the case in Gazije.

In September this year, the construction of the road through the village began. In parallel with the construction of the road, the concreting of the stream started, in a place where the stream used to flood part of the road. In addition to the described stream, the sleeve of the stream is also running through the village. The contractor decided to fill in the sleeve in order to facilitate and accelerate the implementation of works.

Two months after the rat cull was carried out in Osijek, the rat problem, especially in a village Sjenjak, is still present. During the last week we received several complaints via the Green Phone of Zeleni Osijek. Their number is no longer a problem, but the methods of getting rid of them. The alarming fact is that citizens are trying to solve the problem on their own initiative and put poison in public places of their own volition, without thinking about the consequences that may be far more dangerous than the problem itself.

The Green Phone of the association Zeleni Osijek received a call about the discharge of waste water from the dairy farm owned by Belje d.d. into the drainage channel alongside the county road Čeminac – Novi Čeminac. This proves how well we cooperate with the competent authorities.

The attached document is available on Croatian only.

his was a very unusual case of tree felling in Kneževo (Baranja). In early February of 2005 the townspeople of Kneževo started making calls about the felling of a «few trees» in a «small park». We immediately turned to the Municipality for information. We were told that the townspeople had wanted the trees to be cut down for their own safety. Since the same people complained to us about the felling, we questioned the veracity of the explanation that had been given to us by the Municipality, so we decided to contact the competent authorities!