Organising a campaign to save trees and tree rows

Centennial trees and tree rows are part of our natural and cultural heritage and contribute to a better quality of life in urban areas. Citizens are particularly sensitive with regard to the destruction of urban greenery. In most cases, the cutting is legal and approved by the competent services. What can citizens do if they do not agree with such a decision and want to preserve their old tree row or tree? Here are suggestions on how to organise civic action, campaign:
1. Get informed about the potential cutting and the planned works. Ask for information on the project, reasons for cutting, planned replacement planting, potential alternatives from the competent services in the city/municipality using the request for access to information.
2. If the works have already begun, gather the disgruntled neighbours and citizens and physically prevent cutting by organising a peaceful assembly (stand around the tree for example).
3. If you are planning a large gathering/demonstration ask permission from the police and permission to occupy public spaces (from the city/municipality).
4. Call the local association through the Green Phone to help you organise and take further steps.
5. Organise a press conference on the site, send communications and pictures to the media; if you have the opportunity, give statements to the local radio and TV stations...
6. Take pictures of the tree and the gathering and publish the campaign on social networks. Experiment with interesting slogans, messages, banners, and put an effort into making a good photo.
7. Organise a petition and arrange a meeting in the city or municipality in connection with the case.
8. Organise a citizen’s hour at the local board and invite citizens and representatives of the city/municipality and contractors/investors.