Lighting fires in open spaces

In 2015, the "Krka" Ecological Association, Knin received a call via the Green Phone (072 123456) from a citizen who reported that at the beginning of Donji Žagrović, beside the river Radljevac, someone had been starting fires always in the same place. Several times each day (even on weekends), smoke rises from there. The smoke is mostly present at dawn, around 6:00 am. He mentioned that this could be a wild landfill that may pose a major environmental threat along the river.

The "Krka” association informed the Fire Department, Utility Service and Police about this case and the fires soon stopped.

Unfortunately, this year we received the same report again and we repeated our reports to the competent institutions. We are still waiting for a statement from the Police, and we received the following response from the City of Knin:
Fire protection systems and lighting fires in open spaces are regulated by The Fire-prevention Act and Decision Concerning Fire-protection Measures in Open Spaces, according to which it is forbidden to light fires in all open spaces in the period from 1 June until 31 October.
Supervision over the implementation of the provisions of this decision is performed by the Police Department of Šibenik-Knin and any citizens who have information about the illegal lighting of fires may report it to the local police station to determine the identity of the persons not complying with the decision.
In the case of violating specified fire restrictions, the perpetrators shall be issued an offence warrant and appropriate fines as specified for the committed offences.