Parking at unplanned spaces

Due to the lack of parking areas, drivers often find themselves in a situation that they must park their car somewhere else, else usually being on the very edge of the road, and often on the pedestrian pavement. Either way, pedestrian safety is paramount and therefore we are, despite understanding the drivers, obliged to react.

You can react in a way that you:
1) report improper parking to the nearest police station; or to
2) the traffic police if such a service exists in your area;
you will carry out your report by calling one of those services and describing the issue and place where it is located in detail (e.g. after passing the Hospital 200m on the left, at the entrance to a side street, etc.) and preferably offering photographs of the issue you are reporting.
If you do not wish to take these steps by yourself, you can always contact the Green Phone service in your county at the number 072 12 34 56.