Base stations

Base stations are a growing problem in everyone's local community. An increasing number of base stations are being placed within settlements, without building permits and without the consent of the inhabitants of local communities. If you suspect or wish to report base stations already in place, it is necessary to contact the competent institutions which depend on where the base station is being placed:
1.) If you suspect that base stations (repeaters) for mobile phones are being placed without a certificate of occupancy from the Ministry of Health or near sites where it is explicitly stated that they may not be placed (such as schools or hospitals), you should address the competent HEALTH INSPECTION
2.) THE BUILDING INSPECTION if the base station is being built as a separate object without the necessary building permits
3) THE MINISTRY OF CULTURE - DEPARTMENT FOR THE PROTECTION OF NATURE if the issue is the placement of a repeater at specially protected areas
4.) THE INSTITUTE FOR PROTECTION OF CULTURAL MONUMENTS if the base station is being placed on a building that is registered as a historic monument
5.) THE GREEN PHONE at number 072 123 456 where activists will forward the application to the competent service depending on the place of the report
6.) THE CROATIAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE PROTECTION FROM ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION (HUZEZ) which can help greatly by giving advice and specific instructions regarding the report procedure
If you wish to report radioactive radiation, it is necessary, as soon as possible, to report the problem to the CROATIAN INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC HEALTH or in case of emergency events call the emergency services on 112.
If you wish to report ionising radiation you can contact the STATE OFFICE FOR RADIOLOGICAL AND NUCLEAR SAFETY or in case of an exceptional event call the emergency services on 112.