A car without license plates (wreck) abandoned in a parking lot or a green area

• Take a picture of the event if possible
• Write a brief statement about the event and describe precisely how to get to the location (exact address, visible object in the vicinity, sign of recognition)
• Whom to contact: Wrecks which are in different ways discarded in nature or in the parking lot, owners of which are unknown are handled by the municipal policemen in your city or town. Municipal policeman makes an on-ground inspection and assess the situation. Municipal policemen also solve problems of abandoned vehicles whose owners are known, by way of informing the owner that the vehicle should be moved from public or green area and submitted to the authorized company for collection of secondary raw materials for which financial compensation is received. If the owner ignores the municipal stewards policeman’s warning, the case is submitted to the traffic police and an offense is written for which the owner is forced to pay a fine.
• Note: You can always, especially if it is a matter of great urgency and during weekends or holidays or at night, call the 112 emergency service