Disposal of construction waste along the river

Although construction waste is deposited in inappropriate places, everyone would agree that river banks are often the target for such disposal. Why? Because there is many evidence that proves it: water pollution, danger to the wildlife that lives in the river as well as those who live along the river etc.

If you notice this behavior either by known or unknown perpetrators, here are your options:
1) take a photo of the scene and possibly of the waste disposal action itself;
2) send a letter to services responsible for the location, these services are: municipal services, water inspection, inspection of environmental protection and nature protection inspection. You can check at the website of the Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection which inspection is the competent one at the registered area. The exception in this case is the water inspection whose contact can be found on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture.
3) call the Green phone at its unique number 072/12 34 56 and report the problem, make sure that you have provided the operator on the Green phone with detailed information (for example: the exact location of the environmental issue - in addition to the address, a detailed description of the location, etc.).

Of course, it would be ideal if you could leave your contact with the operator so that he can contact you if he needs more information about the report.
Remember, every notice on the Green phone is anonymous. Help us protect our environment!