Noise in your daily life

1. photograph the event if possible;
2. Write a brief statement about the event and describe as precisely as possible how to arrive to the location (if there is a correct address, some visible object, distinctive sign and the like.).
3. Write a brief statement concerning the problem and describe the following as precisely as possible: the distance of the source of noise from your place of residence, whether the source of noise is continuous or intermittent (day, hour, etc.) forward a statement describing the problem and possible photographs to the sanitary inspection in your city/town. If your local sanitary inspection ignores you, you can always contact the Ministry of Health directly, Sector for County Sanitary Inspection.

WHOM TO CALL: and/or Green Phone service for your county (072 123 456) - the report may be sent anonymously, too.
NOTE: You can always call the service 112, especially if it is a matter of great urgency, and during the weekends, holidays or at night