The use of Herbicides “Deherban” in the middle of the settlement Čukovec

During the month of April, the security-ecological organisation Nobilis received a report on the use of the herbicide "Deherban" in the middle of the settlement Čukovec in Međimurska County.

Specifically, this herbicide was sprayed in the area around the house and the boundary which caused a great concern in the neighbourhood due to intense aroma by which the herbicide "Deherban" is known. "Deherban" is a herbicide intended to control annual broadleaf weeds in wheat, barley and meadows and pastures, and in this case it has been applied in the household in the middle of the settlement, which resulted in disapproval of the local residents.

By on-site inspection we witnessed the problem of the affected area and forwarded the report to the Food Quality and Phytosanitary Policy Directorate. According to the observations of the Food Quality and Phytosanitary Policy Directorate, any use of plant protection product which is consistent with the decision on registration, instructions, warnings and information on the approved label and regulations is considered safe and approved application.

Although there is an unpleasant smell present, of herbicides which may be purchased legally in every pharmacy, it does not automatically mean that there has been an exposure of humans. Due to the intense smell of the product itself and the potency of the herbicide “Deherbana”, it is not recommended to use it in the household, but in the fields, pastures, and meadows.