Tree vs wall

Last month, via the Green Phone, the Association Žmergo received an inquiry of the tenants if it can help them protect the trees that grow in their garden.

In the garden of a residential building containing 8 apartments in Rijeka, the City of Rijeka gave the order that the wall belonging to the building must be repaired because it was damaged by the tree growing next to it.

The tenants agreed on the rehabilitation of the wall, but they did not know that it means that the trees will have to be cut down and were unpleasantly surprised when she the company for repairing the wall came and, as a first step, began with the cutting of the trees. Several tenants called the association with the hope that it can help them preserve the tree from cutting down and in search for a professional person who would give an opinion on whether the tree must be cut down in order to repair the wall.

The association called the service of the City of Rijeka for green areas which, by an on-site inspection, saw that “it is obvious that with the reconstruction of the wall, unless otherwise provided in the project, part of the roots will have to be removed. This will jeopardize the balance of the tree, and we cannot say for sure that the same stability of the same would be achieved by trimming the branches. Consequently, the removal of cedar is necessary in order to prevent that, during the lightning storm, the tree crown would not be broken or that the tree would completely fall down, which would jeopardize the safety of people’s staying and cause new material damage.”