Case of Starogradsko Polje - Hvar

The Green Phone of the Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce (Sun) received in March this year a report on the extraction and grinding of stone for the purpose of selling, all by a private company that is mentioned in both actions performed on two private properties.

This case is particularly important because of a few facts. First, it is a locality known as Stari Grad Plain, which is located in Stari Grad on the island of Hvar, which dates from the time of ancient Greece. People still know it as ‘Hora’ or ‘Lager’.

Second, due to its exceptional history, this area is a valuable archaeological site (it was protected in 1993 as an archaeological zone). Third, since it is the best preserved ancient Greek cadastre in the Mediterranean, in 2008 Stari Grad Plain became the seventh Croatian site listed in UNESCO’s world heritage list.
Furthermore, the report of the above actions also contained the doubt about the legality of the same, which is why the Association Sunce contacted the Management Agency for the Stari Grad Plain, which was already familiar with the case and which, after the call from the Association, reacted by warning the private company of the performed contentious activities.

Since it is a very sensitive and important locality, this case is constantly monitored.