The Green phone network at the "Public participation" seminar in Split

Source: the Sunce association webpage

Within the "Partnership for the Environment: Development of capacity in the environmental protection of the public and civil sector in Croatia through the implementation of the Green phone service " project, funded by the European Union, a seminar on public participation was held in Split by the association Eco Pan from Karlovac from 24th to 27th November 2015.

The project is implemented by the environmental association Eko Pan - Karlovac, the Sunce association for nature, environment and sustainable development - Split, the Žmergo Opatija association, the Ecological "Krka" Knin association, the Franjo Koščec Eco Association, the Nobilis Security – ecological organization, while the research associates are: Eko Zadar, Green Osijek and Green Istria.

The seminar was opened by Ivana Krstulović Grubišić (the Sun association) with a short introduction to the topic of the day, which took place in three stages. The first was reserved for the "Legal tools to protect the environment" and the legal team of the Sunce association - Mia Bašić, who presented the first-instance proceedings in exercise of the right of access to information and for Ivana Krstulović Grubišić who through her masterful knowledge and positive energy brought certain aspects of environmental law closer to the participants of the seminar. Krstulović Grubišić elaborated the process in detail in terms of access to information under the applicable legislation of the Republic of Croatia, which is crucial for persons employed at Green phone services in solving individual cases that arrive daily at the service. Also, as part of her lecture, Krstulović Grubišić spared time for legal aid to participants in terms of incoming cases to other county services but also for a practical exercise that intrigued all the participants, who with great interest tried to solve it, each within their team.

The second stage took place under the title of "Journalism and the media in protection of the environment", and was carried out by a communication coach and journalist Milan Koštro. Participants here had the opportunity to learn about the rules of conduct in making statements to the media, writing press releases and material for press conferences. Koštro worked out the issues of public speaking in an interesting and fun way, holding his audience awake from the first to the last minute of his speech. Some participants also had the opportunity to find themselves under the spotlight for the first time, in front of a professional journalist and answer concise and provocative questions.
The third stage of the seminar was reserved for a work meeting of the Croatian Green phone network participants who worked out a detailed plan and program of the Network for the next period.
The participants of the seminar rated the program of extremely high quality which can conclude that these and similar gatherings of professionals are welcome, especially bearing in mind the overall objective of this project, which is to build strong partnerships and effective long-term cooperation between citizens, local and state authorities and organizations of civil society involved in the protection of the environment and nature.