Improperly constructed or defective chimneys

It is estimated that each year 450,000 people die from diseases that have occurred as a result of air pollution in the European Union. Sources of air pollution are numerous and include the energy sector, transport, industry, waste, and households.

1. photograph the event if possible;
2. Write a brief statement about the event and describe as precisely as possible how to arrive to the location (if there is a correct address, some visible object, distinctive sign and the like.)
3. Immediately report any suspicious act independently to the Environmental Inspection; Croatian Institute for Toxicology or Croatian National Institute of Public Health in the event of industrial pollution, i.e. the police in the event of burning waste in the open. In the event of improperly constructed or defective chimneys and for connecting certain sources of emissions improperly (for example, the case in which the ventilation with harmful emissions of certain chemicals is coupled to the ventilation system of residential buildings) Municipal services for chimney-sweeping.

WHOM TO CALL: and/or Green Phone service for your county (072 123 456) - the report may be sent anonymously, too.
NOTE: You can always call the service 112, especially if it is a matter of great urgency, and during the weekends, holidays or at night