Green Phone Inquiries

In order to demonstrate the work of activists on the Green Phone, their patience, perseverance, and commitment which are required, we thought it would be the best to show you the cases (Inquiries) which we have been solving. As you will see, the methods and approaches to solving the problems differ from case to case, likewise some of them are solved successfully, and some are still ongoing. Other than the mere presentation of our work, it is our desire is to give you some new ideas for solving environmental problems in your environment. Each case contains the category to which it relates, and the name of the association which resolved the case.

While working on the Green phone of the Green action, we are often faced with reports of unlawful treatment of citizens on which, i believe, all of us would rather not respond.
We received one such case in early July, of which we were notified by the perpetrators themselves.

One of the biggest open dumps of construction and hazardous waste in Croatia for more than a decade is located in the forest of Ježdovec to the west of Zagreb, where the waste has been illegally buried in the ground for years after illegal deforestation and exploitation of sand and gravel.

In april this year, Green Osijek received a report via the green phone in relation to illegal disposal of construction waste in the village Opatovac, municipality of Lovas.

The owner of the family house “disposed of” the construction waste resulting from the renovation at a nearby public area and dumped a part of it on the Danube shore in order to provide access for himself. We contacted the municipal services of the Municipality of Lovas.

Via the green phone, namely by e-mail, Eco Zadar received the report on the devastation of natural coastline in the village of Miškovići on the island of Pag. We sent the report to the Directorate for Inspectional Affairs of the Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection, as well as to the town of Pag, Administrative Department of Public Utilities and Physical Planning. Report is registered under number 42/2015.

Via the Green Phone we received a report from a citizen in May, that Hrvatske vode initiated the development of preliminary design of retention and geodetic project in the area of Tupaljski stream and waterfall Sopot, which, of course, concerned the citizens, organisations, biologists and experts.

Namely, that area belongs to the Ecological Network (Natura 2000), in particular to the Areas of conservation important for species and habitats (POVS), code HR2001365 Pazinština, and it is also the habitat of a strictly protected species Veliki vodenjak (Great Crested Newt).

We have received reports from several residents of the hamlet Raškovići near Knin on the Green Phone due to a collapsed bridge over the river Butižnica. Since shepherds with animals (sheep, goats, etc.) cross the collapsed bridge every day for pasture, a real danger of tragic outcome is present every day. The recently collapsed bridge began to be crossed by the children and other residents of the hamlet Raškovići, as well as other citizens of Knin and its surroundings, and therefore the situation is extremely alarming.

Via the Green Phone of the Association Green Istria we received the inquiries of the citizens regarding the information related to the suppression of undesirable vegetation (weeds) on the gravel paths and walkways of the ‘Monte Zaro’ park in Pula.

The Green Phone of the Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce (Sun) received in March this year a report on the extraction and grinding of stone for the purpose of selling, all by a private company that is mentioned in both actions performed on two private properties.

This case is particularly important because of a few facts. First, it is a locality known as Stari Grad Plain, which is located in Stari Grad on the island of Hvar, which dates from the time of ancient Greece. People still know it as ‘Hora’ or ‘Lager’.

On Monday, 19 January 2015, the security-ecological organisation Nobilis received a report regarding the noise produced when a car passes over the sewer drain covers for the drains by the residents of the street “Ulica Josipa bana Jelačića” in the village Pribislavec.

Recently, the Green Phone Association Green Osijek received reports of light pollution.

According to the words of a caller, the spotlights advertising company H1 that have recently been put into function far exceed the permitted standards and disturb all the tenants residing in the surrounding houses and buildings in particular.