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The best way to describe work on Green phone, patience and persistence which require, was through examples of practice.

As you will see, from call to call there were different methods and channels used, some of them were solved successfully but some of them are still in procedure.

Work demonstration beside, we wanted to provide to the reader some new ideas in environmental problem solving.

Before call description, category and CSO which have been working on call, are indicated
GREEN AREAS , Zeleni Osijek

Money for cutting down diseased trees gained by cutting down the healthy ones

For years in Slavonija and Baranja region the most common calls on Green Phone have been connected to green vegetation, especially about cutting down the trees. Here we would like to extract one negative case which we could not solve no matter how much effort has been put in.

It is about an extraordinary case of cutting down the trees in Kneževo (Baranja). In the beggining of February 2005. inhabitants of Kneževo began calling our Green Phone with the questions about cutting down „a few“ trees in the „little park“. We requested the information from the local authorities right away and we were told that the inhabitants themselves requested cutting down the trees for their own protection. Since we have received phone calls from the same inhabitants it was very hard for us to believe in the explanation of the local authorities so we continued contacting competent services.

The Ministry Of Culture, inspection department for nature protection gave us an answer that this is not concerning the protected park and it's not their jurisdiction. The Ministry Of Environmental Protection didn't even want to receive our notice because „the trees“ are not their jurisdiction. Environment protection agency of Osijek-Baranja county also explained that this case was not their jurisdiction City of Osijek didn't know to whom we could turn to about this case Forest inspection from Zagreb instructed us to contact their office in Osijek, where they told us that it comes under their jurisdiction only at the moment when the chunks are being taken but they cannot prevent from them being cut down Inspection department for the local authority has only one office located in Zagreb and has no capacity for taking over this case

The case was published by Glas Slavonije and television of Slavonija and Baranja but still nothing has changed.

The number of, not anymore trees but chunks has raised up to 50. Now the local authorities had a different explanation.Since they couldn't afford cutting down a few diseased trees they had to cut down the healthy ones so they could collect the money to pay cutting of the diseased ones.

With the fact that the local authority has passed through an act about cutting down the trees this whole „thing“ became legal and no one could dispute it, at least none of the institutions we have contacted. According to the citizen assessments, with this „action“ the local authority's budget was enriched for about 200.000,00 HRK, but according to the County's mayor, after paying all the costs 15.000,00 HRK was left in the budget.
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