Ongoing story - septic tanks

After repeated reports to the Green Phone of Eco Pan this year related to the discharge of the contents of septic tanks (faeces) in the environment, and given the failure of the competent services to act, we have decided to refer the complaint to the superior officials of these authorities in the Ministry of Health.

Unfortunately, certain branches of Sanitary Inspection in the Karlovac County proclaim themselves incompetent for acting upon submitted reports or they find reasons for inaction in privately owned property which, according to them, cannot be subject of supervision without the consent of the owner. In addition, the competent Sanitary Inspection fails to respond to the sent reports or responses arrive after the legally prescribed deadline.

An interesting fact is that the individual branches of the Sanitary Inspection nonetheless carry out the supervision pursuant to the reports received, and the question of whether certain individuals who work in different services are even familiar with the regulations and the area of their work is being posed and, finally, whether they deserve to work in public authorities and services financed by all citizens. Shortly after the complaint was sent to the superiors in the Ministry of Health, who was also documented by various responses of the same services regarding the identical reports, we received a response from the Ministry of Health.

In its response, the Ministry confirmed our claims and expressed gratitude because we have draws its attention to the operation of certain branches of Sanitary Inspection and inconsistency in their conduct. We suppose that our appeal to the superiors also influenced certain responses that began to arrive soon from those branches that did not act upon the sent reports. As a conclusion and possible advice for those who often fail to receive a response from certain competent services or who are not satisfied with their content, we recommend them to send a complaint to their superiors so they could act and inform them about the work of their branches on the field.